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We are more than a gear shop - We are your gearbox repair department.


Cage Gear & Machine understands the importance of gearboxes in regards to the importance of your company. We also understand that you do not want to worry about gearboxes when you should be working on your products and you customer's needs. We want to be your gearbox rebuild and gear department. Let us worry about your gearboxes and gears so you can stay focused on your customers.

We are very proud of the fact that we get 98% of the gearbox projects that we bid on.

We have been so successful in quoting your gearbox repair projects, that we do not charge an evaluation or quote fee for reducers sent to our facility. We are confident in the fact that if you send us a gearbox to quote, we will give you the most economical option available, even if that includes working with a competitor; we do not need to charge a fee to quote.











Horsburgh & Scott 155T Gearbox Repair

Two weeks prior to this photo being taken, this Horsburgh & Scott 155T Gearbox was sitting under 60 tons of molten steel after a ladle "blow-out" at a local steel mill.

The Cage Gear gearbox repair bay: This is where we store all of our gearbox repair projects while they are in process. Each gearbox is tagged and itemized at disassembly, they are then stored until the completion of the gearbox rebuild. The worn / damaged parts are then either scrapped or returned to the customer per their request.

Crane hoist reducer repair

Your Place Or Ours: We recently sent two repair technicians to Arkansas for a week to inspect and repair this gearbox... place, 120 feet in the air. The price to remove this large reducer from the crane, lower it to the ground and send to a rebuild facility was too costly and would would take far too much time, as it is their main crane for loading/unloading raw material. Our technicians were willing to rebuild this large gearbox in place, 120 feet above ground; saving our customer thousands of dollars and reducing their downtime from months to days.




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